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Find the Best Pool Companies in Buffalo, NY

Backyard swimming pools are a great way to make the most of warm weather, but choosing a type of pool and a pool contractor can be overwhelming. We researched the best pool builders in Buffalo to help you find a trusted company to install the right pool for your budget and backyard.

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Anthony & Sylvan Pools
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Concrete & fiberglass pools
  • Online pool gallery
  • Lifetime structural warranty
  • Stellar customer service

Build your dream pool!

Learn More (855) 894-5542 Read More
Jandy Pro Series
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Professional grade pool equipment
  • Product warranties available
  • Reach customer support via chat, phone or email
  • Register your products online for best customer service

Jandy Pro Series is a pool and spa product brand headquartered in Vista, California and founded in1958. In 2007, Jandy became a member of the Zodiac Pool Systems family of brands. Jandy offers a full line of professional-grade pool and spa equipment including pumps, filters, valves, lights, automation systems and more.

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Choosing a type of pool in Buffalo

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Backyard pools are ideal for relaxing and unwinding in the comfort of your own home. In neighborhoods with large backyards, such as North Park, Abbott McKinley and Lovejoy, an inground pool can add countless hours of enjoyment for family and friends. For homes on smaller lots, an above ground pool is a less expensive option that provides many of the same benefits.

Inground vs. above ground pools in Buffalo

Inground pool Above ground pool
  • Customizable
  • More durable
  • More attractive
  • More affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Safer, higher entry point
  • Expensive
  • Complex installation
  • More required maintenance
  • Shorter lifespan
  • More prone to damage
  • More limited options available
Best for...
  • Exercise
  • Entertaining
  • Families with children
  • Smaller yards
  • Built-in water features available
  • Options in pool finishes
  • Easy to move or remove
  • Steps, ladders and wrap-around decks
Average cost of installation
  • $25,000 - $85,000
  • $2,000 - $10,000

Types of materials available for pools in Buffalo

The material used to build a swimming pool is a major factor in the overall cost, along with the size, location and style of the pool. Above ground pools made from steel or resin are more affordable than those made from aluminum.

Inground pools are made of concrete, fiberglass or vinyl, and each material has pros and cons. Vinyl pools are the most affordable option, while concrete and fiberglass pools are more expensive.

  • Concrete pools are the most customizable and allow for features such as waterfalls, tanning ledges and built-in hot tubs. These swimming pools take longer to install than other types and require more maintenance and cleaning.
  • Fiberglass pools are durable and easier to clean than concrete pools. The shells for these pools are pre-built by the manufacturer, however, which means buyers have fewer customization options.
  • Vinyl liner pools are the cheapest option for installing an inground pool but are less durable and may have more long-term costs. These swimming pools require a new vinyl liner every six to 12 years, which costs between $3,000 and $5,000.

How much does maintaining a swimming pool cost in Buffalo?

You should plan for ongoing maintenance costs for your pool. You’ll need pool supplies and other equipment to keep your pool in optimal condition. Depending on the type of pool you have, plan to spend anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 per year on pool maintenance.

How to hire a pool builder in Buffalo

Choosing the right type of swimming pool is crucial and it’s equally essential to hire a reliable swimming pool contractor in Buffalo to install it. Consider the company’s reputation, portfolio and pricing before making your decision. If you want an inground pool, the company is required to have a contractor’s license.

As you contact pool contractors in Buffalo, some questions to consider asking include:

  • Do you provide free estimates and on-site evaluations?
  • How much experience do you and your employees have installing pools in Buffalo?
  • Do you specialize in a type of pool or building material?
  • Do you offer design or customization services?
  • Do you have pictures of other pools you’ve installed in Buffalo?
  • Do you offer warranties on parts and labor?
  • Do you handle all necessary permits and paperwork?
  • How soon can the pool be installed?
  • Are you licensed and insured?

Be sure to check reviews from a company’s former clients as well — if a company has poor reviews or multiple complaints about unresponsive customer service or low-quality work, steer clear and find a different swimming pool contractor.

Pool Builders Reviews

Anthony & Sylvan Pools

Anthony & Sylvan Pools offers everything from traditional pool shapes to custom-designed inground pools. You can shop their selection of pool chemicals and supplies online or contact them for a free consultation on pool installations. Buffalo reviewers praise the company for the high level of customer service its employees provide.

Anthony & Sylvan Pools Learn More (855) 894-5542

Jandy Pro Series

Jandy Pro Series is a pool equipment manufacturer that provides highly rated pool and spa equipment to Buffalo residents. The company offers standard supplies like filters and pumps as well as more advanced options such as energy efficient equipment and pool automation. Contact Jandy Pro Series to find the dealer nearest you.

Jandy Pro Series (800) 822-7933

Namco Pools

Namco Pools is a well-reviewed above ground pool manufacturer with an extensive product line of round and oval pools. The company’s products are available for purchase online with a variety of pool equipment packages and installation services. Buffalo customers are satisfied with Namco’s products and services and appreciate the company’s helpful staff.

Namco Pools