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Mold at home can turn into a nightmare if not treated quickly. With risks like structural damage and sickness, mold removal becomes a top priority once spores are discovered. It’s crucial to choose a mold remediation business that can handle the problem. We researched the best mold removal in Buffalo to help find a company that can eliminate any mold issue.

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ServiceMaster Restore
Overall satisfaction rating
  • 60+ years of experience
  • Known for outstanding customer service
  • Available 24/7 for emergencies
  • Available in Buffalo

Give us a call 24/7!

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Rainbow International
  • Provides before, during & after mold removal photos
  • Content restoration & pack-out services also available
  • Works directly with insurance companies
  • IICRC-certified technicians
64 Comet Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14216
(716) 874-4919
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SERVPRO of Buffalo
  • Infrared camera used to detect water location
  • Uses industrial grade dehumidifiers
  • Can be on-site in less than 4 hours
  • Includes restoration services
57 Windsong Ct., Ste. 101
East Amherst, NY 14051
(716) 694-9949
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Ahold of Mold Environmental
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Uses discreet & unmarked vehicles
  • Uses the latest infrared Imaging technology
  • NY State Certified Mold Remediation Contractor
Serves residents in
Buffalo, NY
(716) 898-8143
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Comprehensive Mold Management
  • M-F: 8am - 5pm
  • Closed Sat and Sun
  • compmold.com
Serves residents in
Buffalo, NY
(716) 225-5917
Extreme Mold Removal & Water Damage Buffalo
  • Open 24 hours
  • floorcleanings.com/extreme-mold-removal-water-damage-buffalo
229 W. Genesee St., Ste. 721
Buffalo, NY 14202
(716) 222-3287
Young Waterproofing
  • M-F: 9am - 4pm
  • Closed Sat and Sun
  • youngwaterproofing.com
413 Shanley St.
Buffalo, NY 14206
(716) 893-1939
Buffalo Environmental & Construction Group
  • M-Sat: 7am - 7pm
  • Closed Sun
  • buffaloenv.com
2316 Delaware Ave., Ste. 250
Buffalo, NY 14216
(716) 262-3600
COIT Cleaning & Restoration
  • M-Sat: 7am - 7pm
  • Closed Sun
  • coit.com
315 Babcock St., Ste. 1
Buffalo, NY 14210
(716) 332-5904
Buffalo Carpet Cleaners
  • Open 24 hours
  • buffalo-carpet-cleaners.com
266 Elmwood Ave., Ste. 372
Buffalo, NY 14222
(716) 557-5556
Great Lakes Abatement Co., Inc.
  • Open 24 hours
  • greatlakesabatement.com
3463 Broadway
Buffalo, NY 14227
(716) 874-0368

What causes mold in Buffalo?


Mold can show up in the home when you least expect it. In some situations, it may grow as a result of flooding or pooling water. At other times, high humidity, leaking pipes or poor ventilation may cause mold to develop unseen.

Warning signs of a mold problem in Buffalo

Mold most commonly grows in carpets, walls, under sinks, near appliances and around windows. Mold spores may be visible in certain areas, and you can distinguish it from powdery mildew by its fuzzy or slimy appearance. Other signs of mold include:

  • Musky or rotten odors
  • Condensation on walls or windows
  • Past floods or leaks
  • Health issues commonly caused by mold

What are the symptoms of mold exposure?

Mold growth can cause health problems, including respiratory issues, allergic reactions, dizziness, cognitive problems and low energy. If black mold, also known as toxic mold, is present in your home, you could be at risk of dangerous black mold poisoning. It’s important to address mold growth quickly to avoid serious health complications or additional damage to the home.

How much does mold removal cost in Buffalo?

The average cost of mold removal in Buffalo is around $2,300. Most companies charge by the square footage of the affected area, so the price varies on the extent of the mold damage. If the mold has caused damage to drywall or has gotten into the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, you can expect a higher bill to repair structural elements or clean mold from air ducts.

There are additional costs associated with removing black mold, which requires special care to avoid spreading the spores throughout the home. Mold remediation companies use isolation techniques to prevent the risk of further exposure to black mold.

Is mold removal covered by homeowners insurance?

If the mold growth was caused by a covered peril, such as water damage from putting out a fire or frozen pipes, your homeowners insurance might cover the cost of mold remediation. Most homeowners insurance policies do not pay for damage caused by natural flooding, so any mold that forms as a result of a basement that floods during heavy rain is likely not covered.

How to choose a mold removal company in Buffalo

The New York Department of Health cannot test or remove mold, but many Buffalo businesses specialize in mold remediation and repairing damage caused by mold. Professional mold removers also find the source of the mold growth and put preventative measures against future infestations in place. As you’re interviewing companies, consider asking:

  • How much experience do you have with mold remediation in Buffalo?
  • What certifications do you hold?
  • Have you completed the training required by New York State’s Mold Program?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • Do you offer any warranties?
  • What techniques do you use to perform mold testing?
  • How do you ensure that mold doesn’t return?
  • How much do mold removal services cost?

Professional organizations provide certification for mold removal to ensure quality standards, including the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), the National Association of Mold Professionals (NAMP) and the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI). Check to see if a company’s employees are certified before signing a contract.

Mold Removal Reviews

ServiceMaster Restore

ServiceMaster Restore offers mold removal and restoration services and provides a unique, comprehensive mold remediation plan for each customer. The company uses infrared mold detection and specialized chemicals to remove the mold from your home. Buffalo reviewers praise the company for its high quality of work and friendly, knowledgeable technicians.

ServiceMaster Restore

Rainbow International

Rainbow International performs full-service mold remediation from inspection to reconstruction. The company works with your insurance to provide a streamlined claim experience. Rainbow International also finds the source of mold to ensure it doesn’t return. Buffalo residents appreciate the clear communication offered by the local franchise.

Rainbow International

SERVPRO of Buffalo

SERVPRO is one of the most established home restoration companies in the nation and ensures the company’s technicians are well-trained and using the latest mold detection and removal technology. It’s a franchise company, so the Buffalo branch is locally owned and operated. SERVPRO’s New York customers are consistently pleased with the company’s service.

SERVPRO of Buffalo

Ahold of Mold Environmental

Ahold of Mold Environmental is a locally owned, family-operated business that specializes in mold removal and restoration. The company offers several services that directly impact the quality of the air in your home or business. Reviews for Ahold of Mold Environmental are overwhelmingly positive, with many customers raving about their responsiveness and professionalism.

Ahold of Mold Environmental