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Find the Best Home Warranty in Buffalo, NY

Buying a home warranty can be a great idea to lower your costs when you need to repair or replace an appliance or home system after the manufacturer's warranty expires. Home warranties can provide extended coverage to refrigerators, washing machines, plumbing and similar critical home systems. We researched the best home warranties in Buffalo to help you find additional protection for your home.

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American Home Shield
Overall satisfaction rating
  • 4 coverage plans
  • Starting at $75 deductible
  • Coverage regardless of age or make
  • Available in Buffalo

Be sure with The Shield.

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Choice Home Warranty
Overall satisfaction rating
  • 2 plans available
  • No home inspection required
  • Available in Buffalo
  • Customizable add-ons

Offers two plans with basic or comprehensive coverage. Plans start at $46.67 per month with an $85 service call fee. Optional coverage for limited roof leaks, pools and spas available. Make a claim online 24/7.

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Liberty Home Guard
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Month-to-month, annual or multiyear policies
  • Repair or replace your broken items
  • Plans start at less than $1 per day
  • 24/7 customer claims service

Coverage starts at $1 a day. Customizable plans. Extensive technician network. Additional property discounts. Set per-claim fees. 60-day workmanship guarantee. Offers month-to-month coverage and longer-term plans.

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America's 1st Choice Home Club
Overall satisfaction rating
  • 2 coverage plan options
  • Fixed rate locked in with no year-to-year increases
  • No limit on service requests
  • Flexibility to choose your own service technician

Extended work guarantee. Member benefits and discounts. Three service fee options. Use any licensed, insured technician. Monthly payment plans available. No rate increases on renewal. Plans are transferable to the next homeowner.

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2-10 Home Buyers Warranty
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Comprehensive coverage for systems and appliances
  • Covers HVAC, plumbing, refrigerator, dishwasher, oven and more
  • 6,000+ authorized, independent service contractors
  • 35+ years experience

Provides coverage for major systems and appliances. Premiums range from around $19 to $50 per month with an $85 to $125 deductible. Kitchen-only plan and roof leak coverage available. Offers structural warranties for new homes.

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Homeowners insurance vs. home warranty in Buffalo

buffalo skyline

Buffalo winters can be brutal. The freezing temperatures can cause frozen or burst pipes, which may need to be replaced and can lead to flooding. Additionally, the weight of ice and snow can damage your roof and cause leaks that could harm your appliances or home’s electrical system. Although home insurance won’t cover appliance or plumbing repairs, home warranties will.

Many people who think their homeowners insurance policy protects them in certain situations often end up surprised by what isn’t covered. Insurance policies typically cover damage to your home from natural disasters or help you replace items lost to theft, but they provide no protection if you find yourself with a broken water heater during a cold Buffalo winter.

Home warranty for buyers, sellers and landlords

Home warranties are helpful for many people. If you’re buying an older home in Buffalo or one in which the manufacturer warranties on appliances have expired, a home warranty will help protect you from large repair bills if a major appliance breaks down or you have issues with your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

Home warranties can also be helpful if you own a rental property in Buffalo. Manufacturer warranties typically only last a few years, and if you intend to keep the house’s appliances through multiple renters, a warranty will help keep your expenses down when appliances need repairs.

Home warranties that are in effect when someone moves in transfer to the new resident and continue until the coverage term ends. You should check to ensure that there is not one already in effect when you move into a new home.

Home warranty cost in Buffalo

The average cost of a home warranty in New York is around $900 a year, but the price can vary greatly depending on your coverage. There are some plans as low as $65 and as high as $2,500. Your home warranty provider may provide options allowing you to pay monthly or annually.

You can buy a home warranty at any time, although there may be a waiting period to ensure you’re not purchasing the warranty to cover pre-existing issues. Plans generally include a deductible, which is also called the service call fee, that you’ll need to pay before the home warranty covers the rest of the repair cost.

Buffalo home warranty coverage

Typically a home warranty covers appliances, including washing machines and kitchen appliances, and major home systems, such as the HVAC or electrical systems. Home warranty companies also offer add-on coverage for many home improvements that are prominent in Buffalo and the surrounding suburbs, including swimming pools.

Home warranty providers typically require you use an in-network contractor, although some providers are beginning to allow you to choose your preferred contractor. Be careful if you use an out-of-network contractor, however, because you may end up facing problems such as:

  • Extensive searching for a contractor
  • Uncertainty about what type of contractor to call for a problem
  • Higher fees for a particular service
  • Repair bills that exceed what is allowed by the warranty

While many companies offer great warranties, consumers must be diligent. It is important to carefully examine the warranty to be familiar with what is covered and any exclusions. Looking online and reading reviews from current customers in Buffalo can be a good way to assess the reliability of a company.

Home Warranty Reviews

American Home Shield

American Home Shield lets you build a custom plan and has three deductible levels from which to choose. They offer a wide variety of options and have a wide coverage area. Customers in Buffalo praised the warranty terms and customer service, but some people have complained about the available contractors and deductible costs.

American Home Shield Learn More (888) 395-0951

Choice Home Warranty

This company offers two plans in Buffalo. Both cover home systems, but one includes a few more large appliances, which can be expensive to replace. The company offers optional coverage for sump pumps, septic tanks and swimming pools. Customers in Buffalo appreciated the value of the home warranties, but a few people said the company could be slow to respond.

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Liberty Home Guard

With appliance and system plans starting at less than $1 per day, Liberty Home Guard offers flexible plans that let you tailor coverage to fit your home needs. Customer support is open 24/7 and Liberty says that empathy and integrity are core company values.

Liberty Home Guard Learn More

America's 1st Choice Home Club

With tiered pricing options, AFC Home Club makes it easy to see what is and is not covered under its three plans. Choose one that fits your home’s needs and buy extra coverage to protect additional appliances and systems. There’s no deductible, only a $60 service fee. Plans include restaurant gift cards and a retail savings program for cash back at 5,000 retailers.

America's 1st Choice Home Club Learn More (678) 236-0645

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

With more than 35 years in business, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty is an industry leader that covers appliances like a dishwasher, refrigerator, washing machine and air conditioner, to name a few. Whether you’re buying, selling or building a home, 2-10 offers a service agreement to protect you from unexpected repair costs.

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty