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Find the Best Dental Insurance in Buffalo, NY

Oral health and overall well-being are closely related. To maintain a healthy mouth — and bank account — consider purchasing dental coverage. Western New York has plenty of options, so we researched the best dental insurance in Buffalo to make your decision easier.

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How to choose dental insurance in Buffalo

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About 3 of every 4 Americans have dental benefits. Having coverage lowers out-of-pocket costs for preventive, basic and major dental work. Without benefits, something as simple as a routine exam including X-rays and a cleaning can cost you several hundred dollars.

Dental insurance is similar in many ways to health insurance:

  • You pay a monthly premium to get coverage.
  • A deductible may apply to some services before the insurance company pays.
  • Some services include copays.
  • The insurance company pays a percentage of costs for covered services after you meet the deductible (if one applies). You pay coinsurance.
  • The insurance company may only contribute up to an annual maximum amount.

When choosing dental insurance in Buffalo, you’ll generally see three types of plans: dental PPOs, dental indemnity plans and dental HMOs.

Type of plan Advantages Disadvantages
Dental PPO In- and out-of-network coverage; strong coverage levels; lower premiums than indemnity Annual maximum; higher premiums than HMO
Dental indemnity Visit any provider; high levels of coverage; smaller deductible than PPO Highest premiums; annual maximum; no network-negotiated discounts
Dental HMO Lowest monthly premiums; no annual maximum or deductible; no cost for preventive services No benefits for going out of network; less coverage for basic and major procedures

Alternatively, you may consider a dental savings plan in Buffalo. Dental savings plans are not the same as insurance. You pay an annual fee to become a member — typically less than the yearly cost of dental insurance — and you receive discounted rates on services from select dentists. There is no deductible, copay, coinsurance, annual maximum or waiting period, but you pay out of pocket at the time of the visit.

Choosing dental insurance or a dental savings plan in Buffalo comes down to your individual preference and budget. Make sure to read the details of the benefits closely, including the coverage differences for preventive, minor and major dental care for insurance plans. If you have questions about how a plan works, ask a company representative.

Dental Insurance Reviews


1Dental.com offers high-quality, affordable dental discount plans helping customers save 15 - 60 percent on oral care. Buffalo residents can choose between two plans; each has a large network of dentists. There are no deductibles, no limits on usage and no denials for pre-existing conditions, and you can start using your plan immediately. Reviewers praise the customer service from 1Dental.com and recommend the company to others.



Over 1 million customers have chosen a dental savings plan from DentalPlans.com since 1999. Buffalo customers will find plenty of options and can shop with confidence: The company will match prices from competitors. Dental savings plans from DentalPlans.com have no annual limits, no waiting periods and no health restrictions. Reviewers say membership is affordable and savings are substantial.