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Find the Best Car Shipping Companies in Buffalo, NY

Moving across the country is stressful. If you’re shipping a vehicle, it’s important to find an auto transport company you can trust. We researched the best car shipping companies in Buffalo to help find you a reliable transporter.

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Overall satisfaction rating
  • Available in Buffalo
  • Fully insured
  • Vehicle tracking
  • No upfront deposit required

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Montway Auto Transport
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Ships cars, ATVs, motorcycles, golf carts and oversized vehicles
  • Door-to-door shipping nationwide via open or enclosed carriers
  • No payment required until the carrier is assigned
  • Available in Buffalo and nationwide
Learn More (866) 618-7655 Read More
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Available in Buffalo
  • Total Assurance plans
  • Transportation for any type of vehicle
  • Free estimates online

Costs range from $495 to $1,300.Offers door-to-door transport for cars, boats and motorcycles. Discounts for seniors, students and first responders. No upfront payment required. Quotes available in writing. Founded in 2004.

Learn More (770) 486-1010 Read More
Sherpa Auto Transport
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Quotes backed by Price Lock Promise
  • Exclusive Clean Car Guarantee
  • Transparent, honest pricing
  • Transparent pricing

Provides door-to-door vehicle transport. Free, all-inclusive quote, with $0 due until a carrier is secured. Price Lock Promise means the quoted price is the price you pay. Offers $20 reimbursement for car wash after delivery.

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Ship A Car Direct
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Available in Buffalo
  • No terminal to terminal processing
  • Damage-free guarantee
  • No upfront deposits

Depending on vehicle type, distance and season, costs range 35 cents to $1 per mile for door-to-door service. No upfront payment. Free estimates available in writing. Guaranteed damage-free delivery. Founded in 2008.

(855) 492-9222 Read More
Global Auto Transportation
  • Mon: 7:30am - 5pm
  • Tu-F: 8am - 5pm
  • Closed Sat and Sun
  • globalautotransportation.com
78 College St.
Buffalo, NY 14201
(716) 220-8585
Budget Auto Transport
  • M-F: 6am - 10pm
  • Sat: 6am - 9pm
  • Closed Sunday
  • budgetautotransports.com
1363 Delaware Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14209
(716) 517-4278
Andrew Auto Transport
  • M-Su: 8am - 11pm
  • www.andrewautotransport.com
775 Englewood Ave.
Kenmore, NY 14223
(716) 632-4600

How to choose car shipping companies in Buffalo

Buffalo Skyline

Whether you’re moving across the country or shipping your new car from a seller in another city, there are many factors to consider before choosing a car shipping company. These factors, such as the time of year, vehicle size and shipping location, will affect the price of the service.

For example, if your vehicle is a classic or luxury car, you may want additional protection by shipping it in an enclosed carrier, which is more expensive than an open carrier. Large vehicles are often more costly to ship because they take up more carrier space.

The time of year affects price as well. Shipping during the summer may be more expensive due to a higher volume of cars being shipped, especially to large urban areas. Shipping during winter is usually cheaper, but shipping to rural areas may not be, especially if bad weather might create dangerous road conditions.

If you’re short on time, you should also consider whether the company has express auto transport or door-to-door service. These services will be more expensive, but you’ll have your car back sooner.

Shipping a car to and from The Queen City varies in price as noted below.

Estimated transport rates to/from Buffalo

From To Estimated cost
North Carolina Buffalo $699
Virginia Buffalo $561
Florida Buffalo $699
Ohio Buffalo $601
Illinois Buffalo $699
Buffalo Pennsylvania $561
Buffalo New York $561
Buffalo Georgia $699
Buffalo Texas $791
Buffalo California $975

Note: Based on shipping a large, operable sedan in an open carrier with availability 45 days in advance.

You can get a more accurate quote from car shipping companies by specifying:

  • The type of carrier you want to use (open is cheaper)
  • The type of car you’re shipping
  • The area of pickup and delivery
  • When your car is available to be shipped (this should be around 45 days for the best pricing)

When you start to gather quotes, ask exactly what each one covers and remember that quotes aren’t final. Companies will also take into account factors such as the car’s exact destination as well as its mileage and overall condition.

Be sure to ask if the company is licensed and provides insurance in case your vehicle is damaged. Any answer other than “yes” may be a red flag. Check around for reviews and recommendations. One of the most important things you can do is choose a company that is reliable and trustworthy. You are, after all, entrusting one of your most valuable assets to them.

Finally, know whether you would prefer to deal directly with a car shipping company or a broker that works with multiple carriers. If you’re working with a broker, be sure to ask if the carriers they use are licensed and insured.

Auto Transporters Reviews


eShip is a broker that works with fully insured and bonded carriers. The company offers door-to-door service, vehicle tracking and the eShip Platinum Protection plan, which provides up to $300 in added insurance for rental reimbursement and other expenses. Buffalo customers praise eShip for its timeliness, excellent customer service and constant communication.


Montway Auto Transport

Montway Auto Transport delivers over 100,000 vehicles every year. Shipping prices depend on several factors, including the season, the delivery distance, the type of trailer, and your vehicle’s size, weight and condition (e.g., running, modified, etc.). Military members get a discount. Although shipping in enclosed containers is recommended for luxury and collector vehicles, most customers opt to transport their automobiles on an open carrier.

Montway Auto Transport Learn More (866) 618-7655


AmeriFreight transports all types of vehicles, including trailers, boats and recreational vehicles. They offer discounts to members of the military, emergency professionals, seniors, students and returning customers. AmeriFreight also offers insurance and a Total Assurance Plan that covers damages up to $2,000 under certain circumstances. AmeriFreight customers in Buffalo have reported great customer service and on-time delivery.

AmeriFreight Learn More (770) 486-1010

Sherpa Auto Transport

Sherpa Auto Transport offers a customer-oriented, smooth transport experience. Backed by their Price Lock Promise, Sherpa offers one data-driven price and sticks to it. After your vehicle is delivered, customers can redeem a free car wash through their Clean Car Guarantee. A licensed and bonded company, Sherpa Auto Transport services all continental states and offers free online quotes. Cancellations can be made before the vehicle is picked up for a small fee depending on the timeline.

Sherpa Auto Transport Learn More

Ship A Car Direct

Ship a Car Direct offers door-to-door service and uses only fully insured and highly rated carriers, which allows the company to offer a damage-free guarantee on top of standard insurance. Customers have reported that the company, which is licensed and bonded, is honest, communicative during transport and delivers on time.

Ship A Car Direct (855) 492-9222